features of the Priceloop Platform

the Priceloop Platform Features

Priceloop Tables

A powerful spreadsheet capable of handling millions of rows

  • With a multitude of built-in and customizable functions, including scrape_from_url and more, you can build anything you want.
  • You can effortlessly personalize different functions using Python and group various columns to enhance visualization.
  • Our robust formula editor provides auto-suggestions, syntax highlighting, and type checking for an even smoother experience.
Priceloop Platform: rule-based pricing

Priceloop Pages

A efficient feature for creating complex rules and dynamic pages

  • You gain access to a diverse selection of pre-built templates to suit your specific needs.
  • The Priceloop Page is highly customizable and adaptable, with a template language based on EJS.js.
  • We empower you to create customized dashboards using your data.
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Priceloop Actions

A big plus to streamline your workflow automation

  • We offer a variety of pre-built actions, including sending emails, in-app notifications and other commonly used actions.
  • You can automate different workflows such as triggering notifications when a column undergoes changes.
  • Triggers can be set for either row modifications or on a scheduled basis. It's all your call.

Data Connection

A seamless integration that links your data with different platforms

  • The Priceloop's Platform integrates smoothly with multiple data sources within the e-commerce ecosystem.
  • Our tool layers on top of the current system through our REST API, shortening your time-to-value and accelerating your growth.
Priceloop REST API
Our NoCode platform connects your data to different sources.
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