Release notes - May 2023

May 10, 2023

We are thrilled to share the latest updates to our platform, aimed at improving every Amazon seller's overall experience and empowering you to make informed pricing decisions for your Amazon business. Our dedicated team has been diligently developing additional features to offer you enhanced information and increased control over your pricing. Keep reading for an overview of our latest release.

1. KPI for Profit Enhancement

The blue bar in the screenshot below is our recent addition to the APE platform—a value KPI.

This KPI consolidates the average daily net profit improvements achieved by the winning price points during the product learning phase. By extrapolating the daily average net profit uplift values from the winning price points to a month, we provide an estimated net profit uplift based on the current test results.

It's important to note that this estimate serves as an initial indication, as the actual net profit increase depends on various factors. This newly introduced KPI will provide valuable insights into your pricing strategy, empowering you to make informed decisions that optimize your profits.

Priceloop's Value KPI provides valuable insights into your pricing strategy.
Value KPI

2. New dashboard charts

We have added two extra charts to our updated dashboard, enhancing sellers' ability to track pricing fluctuations.

You can now access data on the number of price changes that occurred each day in the past week, along with the reasons behind those changes. Furthermore, you can observe the direction and extent of price adjustments made within the previous day.

These additional charts offer valuable insights into your pricing history, enabling you to gain a clearer understanding of our price testing algorithm's logic.

APE's new dashboard charts to track price changes.
New dashboard charts to track price changes

3. Bulk upload enabled

Now, you can conveniently input COGS, minimum margins, maximum prices, and other crucial information in a single go. This time-saving feature is particularly beneficial for users overseeing multiple online stores.

Bulk upload feature improves sellers' onboarding process.
Bulk upload (beta)

4. Multiple shops in one account

With our multi-workspace functionality, you can easily handle all your stores using a single user account. This feature enhances your workflow efficiency and simplifies the task of monitoring your operations.

All-in-one platform allows you to examine all shops' data in a single source of truth.
All in one platform

5. checkboxes

By incorporating checkboxes into the frontend, we have improved the user experience (UX). This minor modification will significantly increase clarity and user-friendliness. Continuously striving to strengthen our platform, we are confident that this update will contribute to accomplishing our improvement objectives.

We improve Amazon sellers' user experience by adding checkboxes to our APE.

6. Learning status check

Last but not least, we have also included the learning status in the Parent ASIN selection for test results. This addition enables you to quickly check if a test is completed or still in the learning phase. It simplifies the monitoring of your test results, allowing you to track progress and make adjustments to optimize your pricing strategy effectively.

Learning status check makes it simpler for your to examine learning processes in your platform.
Learning status in Parent ASIN selection for test result

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