APE on NoCode Release - April 2023

April 3, 2023

We are exciting to share that our Amazon Pricing Engine (APE) has now integrated on Priceloop's NoCode Platform. From now on, users can leverage advanced features, make data-driven pricing decisions, and optimize their Amazon business in a few clicks.

Amazon Pricing Engine dashboard leveraging the advanced technology on our NoCode platform
APE on our NoCode platform

1. ASIN management & data analysis

Users now have the ability to access and analyze APE data on our platform. They can export this data as a CSV file, enabling them to review the information used for calculations and the ASINs currently managed on our platform.

We recognize that each user has their own distinct business requirements. Therefore, we are committed to enhancing our platform's self-service capabilities. This upcoming development will allow users to effortlessly modify their minimum and maximum prices, enable or disable learning, and utilize other features that cater to their specific needs.

A view of our Amazon APE self-service platform
Self-service platform

2. Support of European marketplaces

Priceloop is expanding its territory to serve European marketplaces on Amazon, allowing users to effectively manage their pricing with greater flexibility. Additionally, we are excited to introduce a new and improved dashboard that surpasses the speed and efficiency of the previous Google Datastudio.

APE result analysis dashboard gives you a clear view about the performance scores of your products.
Priceloop dashboard

3. Data check & competitor tracking

The input data check feature allows users to efficiently verify if any necessary inputs are absent for APE to function correctly.

upon uploading your data, APE will automatically check your data and show you things to be improved.
Automatic input data checker

Besides, users can now utilize additional features and templates, such as the Buybox price tracker and Competitor Tracking beyond Amazon, empowering them to maintain a competitive edge.

Stay ahead of your competitors by monitoring and tracking them continuously.
competitor tracking

Interested in our new features?

Priceloop aims to offer customers data-driven pricing by constantly enhancing our platform. We are currently working on expanding APE for non-Amazon marketplaces and encourage you to join our waitlist.

For inquiries or further information about our Amazon Pricing Platform (APE) on the NoCode Platform, feel free to contact us directly.

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