Key dates and holidays for Amazon sellers 2023

February 27, 2023

More and more sellers are joining Priceloop community to adopt a data-driven approach in automating and optimizing their prices. As we engage in knowledge sharing with these sellers, we observe the close connection between pricing and various other factors.

One recurring topic of discussion revolves around upcoming holiday seasons. Questions arise regarding how Priceloop handles Cyber Week, what preparations should be made for Prime Day, and what gift options are suitable for Christmas. While we may not have definitive answers to all these questions, we are delighted to assist you with any inquiries related to your pricing strategy.

Key dates for Amazon FBA sellers

An essential element of achieving optimal pricing involves anticipating holiday sales and taking appropriate actions. To begin with, it is crucial to be aware of the specific (Amazon-related) holidays. That is why we have developed the Amazon Lens for 2023.

This comprehensive calendar includes all the significant Amazon Seller dates, enabling you to strategically plan sales, product launches, inventory management, and more, thereby empowering you to excel as a seller. Let's now delve into a detailed overview of the year 2023, through the lens of Amazon.

Quarter 1

The crucial period to proactively position your store occurs during a specific quarter. In this scenario, it is important to pay attention to significant dates that coincide with traditional seasonal demand fluctuations, ranging from Valentine's Day to St. Patrick's Day.

Key Dates

  • March 14th: St. Patrick’s Day

Quarter 2

After the tranquil first quarter, we transition into a livelier period with the onset of festive activities, a shift in time, and customers preparing for summer. Children eagerly anticipate Easter egg hunts, while parents eagerly anticipate gifts for Mother's and Father's Day. All of this culminates in the vibrant celebration of Pride Month.

Key Dates

  • First Week of April: Easter Week
  • 14th of May: Mother’s Day
  • 18th of May: Father’s Day
  • 1st of June: Start of Pride Month

Quarter 3

This quarter offers more than just open-air festivals and cocktails; it features the initial Amazon Prime Day of the year, followed by a lively conclusion with Oktoberfest.

Key Dates

  • 11th-12th of July: Amazon Prime Day
  • 1st of September: Start of Summer Sales
  • 16th of September: Start of Oktoberfest

Quarter 4

It's time for crunchtime! The highly anticipated quarter for every e-commerce seller is approaching, as Christmas is just around the corner. Excitement is in the air, and we have American history to thank for significant shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which provide crucial opportunities for capitalizing on sales.

Key Dates

  • TBA: Second Amazon Prime Day
  • November 11th: Single’s Day
  • 24th of November: Black Friday
  • 26th of November: Cyber Monday
  • 6th of December: Saint Nicholas Day
  • 7th of December: Start of Hanukkah
  • 24th of December: Christmas Eve
  • 25th of December: Christmas Day
  • 26th of December: Boxing Day

Free Amazon key dates list

Our free Amazon key date list contains additional significant dates and holidays that you should keep track of but are not mentioned here. Furthermore, we will update the calendar with any missing dates throughout the year, as some specific dates like Prime Day have not been announced yet. You can integrate the calendar into your personal schedule using the following links:

We hope you find this resource valuable to your seller toolkit. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss adjusting your pricing strategies for the holiday season or if you have any inquiries about Priceloop.

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